Welcome dear readers!

This website came forth during the COVID-19 pandemic (December 2019 – March 2022?). Intermittent outbreaks of the deadly coronavirus mutants marked this period but progress in vaccine development coupled with different levels of quarantine restrictions by the government countered the ubiquitous virus. A definitive remedy is still wanting and virtually everyone, except the front liners who try to keep the economies of the world working, involuntarily shifted their work and home activities online.

As people devote more time on work from home schemes, there arose a need to help ease the confinement, boredom, and doldrums experienced by people around the world. For both readers and writers, this website is a cathartic—an avenue to channel pent-up emotions and energies—to make people’s lives more meaningful, useful, and productive despite the challenges posed by the pandemic.

Thus, work and home tips on the various facets of life during the pandemic and beyond characterize the posts in this site. If you find them useful or informative, sharing them with your relatives, friends, and colleagues will be worthwhile and most welcome. Who knows, you can save a life or a soul.

Happy reading!